Nick Roseblade for Vital Weekly: "The pleasure of ‘Strangled Curiosity’ is that you don’t know how each of the tracks will progress. Each of the band’s member comes from different discipline of music, jazz, noise, freeform electronics, classical, ambient and postrock so the album is a hodgepodge of styles and sounds. In a good way of course. ‘Deixis’ is the track that epitomises this the most. From the opening crunches, it conveys the feeling of walking across a vast snowy landscape. Glacial synths lurk in the background as we make our weary way across the tundra. As ‘Deixis’ progresses the terrain gets steeper and a whiteout happens, and our sense of direction goes. Here it feels that the members of Zebularin are acting both independently and in unison with each other. It’s an album that yields more and more with each listen. You’ll want to play it about five times to start getting the full effect. The first time I played it I thought it was about the fear of missing out, but now I think it’s more about growing to be content. I’m looking forward to what I think it’s about next time I play it. This is great. It truly is."