Mike Kaercher-Umlaut, Berlin, April 2021: "Their fourth album (and their 2nd for Steep Gloss) finds the Stuttgart collective juxtaposing elements of chamber music (“Pictophagos“), jazz-flavoured eastern European soundtracks (“Feenstaub“) and metallic post-industrial meanderings (“Nondromanon“) into a new erratic narrative. 

The opener “Despot“ with its jagged rhythm, sinewy analog synths and ring-modulated guitars surely sets the tone for a generally darker and moodier sound-approach, but Zebularin stay as agile as ever, utilizing condensed emotions, as well as prosaic minimalism. 

At times occult psychedelic clatter, fragments of oversaturated improv trance or an odd krautrock-ish witchhunt (“Irden“) emerge out of the dense electroacoustic fog, which seems impenetrable and sublime in equal parts. 

Ladies and gentlemen, let us rejoice in “Prismatic Ceremony“."