Sunswept Sunday Summer Tour 2024 // Chemnitz

Sunswept Sunday
29.08.2024 20:00 - 30.08.2024 21:30
Daniel Kartmann


Sunswept Sunday Summer Tour 2024

Daniel Kartmann – drums, hackbrett, cornetto
Torsten Papenheim – guitar, melodica, percussion

„Jazz is the freedom to play anything, whether it has been done before or not.“ Duke Ellington
Taking this statement to heart, the duo Sunswept Sunday dedicates itself to Duke Ellington’s music. Since 2020 Stuttgart-based percussionist Daniel Kartmann and guitarist Torsten Papenheim from Berlin explore the work of the great American composer with a love of detail and a sense of dramaturgy.
Sunswept Sunday performs lesser known pieces of Duke Ellington’s, mostly written in the 50s and 60s. With their interpretation, the duo clearly shows that Ellington’s oeuvre remains exciting even almost 50 years after his death and beyond the classic big band line-up.
„Halfway To Dawn“ – the debut album of Sunswept Sunday was released on LP and CD by Ma Records in January 2023.